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Physicians Weight Loss Center of East Boca is a great place to start your new journey in living a healthy, well balanced lifestyle. Don't think about it, just do it.
Denise D.
I was unsure of which diet center to go to. After meeting with Donna and Pam I knew I found the best! They care so much and are so knowledgable, I would never consider going any place else. I've lost 24 lbs, and I've never looked or felt better! Physicians Weight loss East Boca is fantastic!
Yes, it is true you can reach your goal, optimal weight! Physicians weight loss at Boca is a place you should go to change and improve your health and life style. why? because you can find honest, smiling, and happy medical staff to guide you and motivate you every week when you step up on the scale and the results are amazing!! My husband and I joined the program in January and we are amazed with the results; my husband has lost 25 pounds and I have reached my goal of 12 pounds!
Luz R.
I have been struggling my entire adult life with being overweight. I always thought I could lose the weight on my own. Have more will power. But I was never successful- I only got more discouraged. A co-worker encouraged me to try Physicians Weight Loss Center in the 5th Avenue Shops in East Boca, because she had done so well on the program. She told me there would be no "pressure", and boy was she right. The counselors listened to me and really understood my struggle. They were so nice and seemed to really care. I left there feeling more hopeful than I have felt in the longest time. I have lost 17 lbs; It's been easy, affordable, and best of all, I am never hungry!!
Mary B.
After my last yearly physical my Dr. wanted me to lose weight. My cholesterol was high and I was borderline diabetic. My Dr. suggested I go to Pwlc in the 5th Avenue Shops, Boca Raton and I'm so happy I listened to him! The menu plans are easy to follow with so much to choose from. I am NEVER hungry, as a matter of fact I'm rarely able to eat everything that is allowed. For anyone who is looking for guidance and support, this is the weight loss center to choose. I recently went back to my Dr., after losing 34 pounds, for a check up and my cholesterol was back in a normal range and I am no longer borderline diabetic! I give them 5 stars!
Rachel M.
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